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My name is Samuel, but online i'm known as Aldéas, Aldy or even Chocobutte (don't ask)

I wasborn in 1995 et I had the chance to expermient a lot of creative hobbies since I was a kid, like writing, coding, drawing etc. I like to try everything and I'm a convinced self-learner.

In everyday life, i'm a professional web developper. I've worked for national institutions in France but also in a lot of personal projects of mine or others. I like to be part of a creative process, it motivates me to do my best.

But i'm fond of video games and novels, I'm the one always talking about politics in family meetings, and i'm 100% addict to Coca Cola.


Here's the majority of my work online. Details are available in french on


Role : Developper, Webmaster. Writer, Game Designer

Memtis is a Heroic-Fantasy universe I've designed since i'm 10. Today it's an extended universe composed of a website, a Tabletop RPG, a novel and soon videogames.


Role : Developer, Webmaster.

S5GEN is a Character Sheet managment application. Designed for the S5's Tabletop RPG system.

Role : Developer, Webmaster.

Aldé (Ce site en réalité) est un site vitrine que j'ai développé pour exposer mes différents projets créatifs sur internet.


Role : Developer.

Anoldor is a visual novel game developped by a 9 person team. I've created their website and their development blog.


Role : Game Designer, Card Designer.

D10 is a homemade cardgame based on Tabletop RPG universe I had to play.

Today the project, free to use, is managed by Arivenzys who is creating a commercial edition of the game.

Zackary Trial

Role : Game Designer, Scénariste, Graphiste, Developer.

Zackary Trial is a game based on the Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney games, developped on the AAO Engine. It's free to play, online, and features 100% original characters and story.

Today, two cases are finished and playable

Le Champion

Role :Ecrivain.

Le Champion is a novel I wrote that is a part of the extended universe of Memtis.


Role :Developer.

I've created template for PHPBB Forums.


Role :Developer.

I've created template for PHPBB Forums.


Role : Game Designer, Developer.

I've game designed a TableTop RPG System around Kingdom Hearts and created a website for it.


Role : Developer, Editor.

A wordpress blog for personal use.


Role : Developer.

Ostéostar is a windows software built on Windev20 for ostepaths that permits them to manage their patients, their medical files and their meetings.


Role : Developer.

Miam en folie is a cooking wordpress that I developped, with articles and a community aspect.


Here's my fee for commissions

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